World Christian Doctor Network


WCDN  was founded to collect, analyze, and present the many divine healing cases that are taking the place by the power of God through prayer in the of Jesus Christ. Through  confirmation by medical examination  such as X- ray and blood tests. WCDN is confirming the cases before many medical doctors and professional all over the word.

President ,WCDN  Headquarters Seoul Korea.Dr.Gilbert Chae

At these annual conferences, with medical data presented, we have verified by means of medical science the powerful works of the living God which He performed on those He loves, and we glorified Him.

Founder & Board Chairman of WCDN  Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee


“God Heals Broken Hearts Ministries” broadcasts WCDN divine healing cases on TV program on “Impact television network”, “InVictoryTV”, “Bogtube” and others. Rev. Th.M. Vasiliy Voytovich

God Heals Pulmonary Tuberculosis (Russian)

God Heals Broken Hearts NHL (Russian)

God Heals Broken Hearts Stomach Cancer (Russian)

God Heals Skin Cancer (Russian)

WCDN Interview 2

WCDN Interview 1

God Heals Harada Disease (Russian)

God Heals The First Degree Disability (Russian)

Cardiac Arrest (Russian)

God Heals Elbow Tendonitis (Russian)

God Heals Eclampcia Subarcnoid Hemorrhage (Russian)

God Heals Uveitis, Detachment of the Retina (Russian)

God Heals Cerebral Hemorrhage (Russian)

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