Mission Trip to Guatemala 2010

During this trip we partnered and worked closely with Vision Go Ministries to support local churches in Guatemala. Also we held Happy Family seminars for couples.

Evangelistic Crusade in Urkaine 2010

In this video Evangelistic Crusade that took place in western Ukraine. In the city of Wizhnitsa we held Evangelistic Crusade in a tent. God gave us an opportunity to organize Happy Family conferences for families in the cities of Striy and Borislav where we also visited rehab center for alcohol and drug addicted. Both me and my wife took part in 7th International Christian Medical Conference that took place in Rome, Italy.

Mission Trip to Western Ukraine 2009

On this trip we visited cities Ivano Frankovsk, Wizhnitsa, lviv, and Novgo-Grad Volinsk that are in Western Ukraine. We also took part in International Christian Medical Conference that was held in Kiev, the capital of Urkaine.

Mission Trip to Eastern Ukraine 2008

During this mission trip to Easter Ukraine we visited the region of Cherkassy and Poltava. Also held Happy Family seminars for families in the city of Lviv and Chrnivtsi.

Mission Trip To Ukraine 2007

On this trip we visited local churches where we held “Happy Family” conferences with pastor Curt Swan. Also in Poltava region we held evangelical services for non believers.

Mission Trip to Haiti 2005

During this amazing trip to Haiti we visited Port-au-Prince the capital of this country. Also we visited remote villages far from the capital with Jesus Film Project and humanitarian aid and gifts for orphans and poor families.

Mission Trip to Ukrainian Carpathians 2004

During this trip God gave us an opportunity to serve and work with an amazing people who live in Ukrainian Carpathians Mountains. Also we visited an orphanage in the city of Borislav.

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