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Cometic C5475-027 Gifts Gasket Head Nippon regular agency

Cometic C5475-027 Head Gasket


Cometic C5475-027 Head Gasket


Product description

C5475-027 Head Gasket, Bore 3.910in, Material Spring Steel, Thickness .027in Individual gaskets and gasket kits are available for both the Domestic and Import Automotive Markets. The Performance Gasket Line gives you options in head gasket bore size and shape, gasket thickness, and custom water passages and pocket dimension solutions. Valve Cover and MLS Exhaust gaskets are also a part of the Performance Gasket Line.The StreetPro Gasket Line is a product line of Cometic Gasket manufactured by Cometic. StreetPro is geared toward the street-rodder who is looking to purchase a kit with all necessary gaskets and seals needed for a rebuild. StreetPro gasket kits are sold as a top end kits and bottom end kits. Purchase both top- and bottom-end kits for a total engine rebuild. Quality gasket materials are a priority in StreetPro kits. Kits materials include MLS, AFM, Aramid Fiber, and Armor Clad.Modern lightweight engines are producing more horsepower, higher cylinder pressure, clamp load and extreme temperatures. Cometic is commited to provide innovative, quality gaskets while maximizing your engines power and performance. Cometic gaskets are proudly made in the U.S.A. with materials manufactured on American soil. Cometic Gasket, Inc., is an exclusive NASCAR Performance Product.

Cometic C5475-027 Head Gasket

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September deep sky: Cygnus Loop and Bode’s Galaxy
EarthSky readers shared two amazing September deep sky photographs with us: the Cygnus Loop, a nebula that stretches into Vulpecula, and Bode's Galaxy, aka M81.
Martian super volcanoes lasted millions of years
NASA scientists say that there were once thousands of volcanic eruptions on Mars. These explosive blasts, in the northern Arabia Terra region, were "super eruptions," the largest and most powerful kind known. The intense activity continued for about 500 million years, about four billion years ago.
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Equinox sun is over Earth’s equator on September 22

The equinox is September 22. From around the world on the day of an equinox, the equinox sun pretty much rises and sets due east and west.
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Bible story of Sodom revisited. Was it a meteor strike?

The Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah describes ancient cities destroyed for their wickedness. New research suggests a meteor impact instead.
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Gamma Cephei, aka Errai, a future North Star

Gamma Cephei - or Errai - is a binary star system that will someday be Earth’s North Star. Gamma Cephei is home to the first exoplanet ever discovered.
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La Palma volcano lava headed to sea

The La Palma volcano has forced thousands to evaculate. Its lava is flowing through streets, filling swimming pools, headed to the sea.
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